Elig Standard - Volvo V70 R P2 (Front)

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Part # ZA04 Standard (Ref: DB1678)

The STANDARD STREET N95B brake pads are a perfect replacement for standard pads, designed for both daily street use and spirited driving. They offer increased braking performance over OEM with a greater temperature operating range. These pads are often cheaper to replace than OEM with low dust and virtually no noise. The STANDARD N95B offers fantastic value with increased performance over stock pads.


  • OEM equivalent or better, but with low dust and quiet braking
  • Shorter stopping distance and higher braking power
  • Lower price than OEM pads
  • Made with eco friendly materials
  • Perfect fit, no adjustments required
  • Extremely gentle on rotors
  • Suitable for street / spirited driving / skidpan


    • Rotor temperature: 0~400℃
    • Average friction co-efficient: 0.34~0.42
    • Materials: NAO (Non Asbestos Organic)
    • Certified to ISO 9001
    • Complies with RoH0053
    • V70 P2 2.5T FWD with Brembo
    • V70 P2 2.5T AWD with Brembo
    • V70 R P2 2.5T AWD with Brembo